Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Running a Business From Home

Running a Business from Home  (The Pyjama Factor !)

Running a Business from Home may seem like a very good idea. First if all there is the obvious cost saving associated with running the business from the spare room, the study if you have one or indeed the purpose built "garden office".
Save on Office Costs

These are significant savings to be made over and above renting office space, paying rates, office cleaning cost, property insurance just to mention a few of the expenses involved. Also there is no specific piece of legislation that prevents you from running your business form home - right? not quite true!

Local Authority By Laws & Rates

Your local authority by laws may prohibit or inhibit you from running a business or company from your residence in the first place - the neighbours  for one, may not look favourably on a stream of "client visits" and cars parked all over the place.

Secondly where you are running a business from home, lets say a consultancy type service and claiming for the expenses as a deduction against income the running costs of the "office" the Revenue Commissioners may class this section of your property as being "commercial" thereby opening up the possibility of having commercial rates levied on that area of your property by the local authority.

Registration Difficulties

There may also be queries raised and or have a business name registration rejected at the Companies Registration Office where you are intending to register a business name and carry out a business which in the opinion of the CRO may not be deemed suitable to being carried out at a residential address.

The Pyjama Factor !

Finally you might want to consider that some lazy Sunday morning when you are relaxing at home, the doorbell rings and there in front of you is a disgruntled client looking for redress of a perceived problem or the creditor looking for payment. Do you really want to have to deal with him/her while standing in your PJ's with the kids running around the front hall?
We are not saying don't run you business from home but if you do, the best advice is to do it only for a short while to get up and running then move on at the very east to a virtual office/business address facility where your post can be received/held/forwarded and where you can meet with clients on a more professional basis.

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